Haunt #1: Dead Scared – Jobling, Curtis


Haunt Dead Scared


So you’re dead, but here you are, watching your own funeral, eavesdropping on your family’s secrets, hanging around… only your best friend can see and hear you. Only he can help you find out why you haven’t departed. Is it because of that first kiss with Lucy Carpenter, or the driver of the car that killed you? Maybe another ghost will know, so let’s try the haunted house…

Overview *Contains Spoilers*

I enjoyed this book immensely; the characters were expertly developed allowing the reader to empathise with each characters’ dilemmas, creating an exciting and intense story. This book explores Will’s life as a ghost and attempts to answer questions as to why he hasn’t ‘moved on’ to a different life. At the end of the book, Will and Dougie help another ghost to move on, but they still are unsure as to why Will hasn’t moved on. I can’t wait to read the second book to find out more about Will’s predicament.

There is slight humour throughout the book which, despite the morbid topic, makes the book more enjoyable for the reader. I felt that this book was an accurate portrayal of the feelings that those close to someone who has died, would feel which made the book all the more realistic and interesting to read.

My only criticism would be that it was a bit slow moving in places when there wasn’t any action going on, which was particularly relevant near the beginning. But overall, this was a very enjoyable read and I would definitely recommend it to young teens.

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