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Tom Gates Genius Ideas Mostly



This is the look on my face when I get a genius idea (which happens a lot). Marcus likes to think he has good ideas. But they are mostly all rubbish. When Uncle Kevin says he is an expert on everything it makes Dad pull this face. And this is me when Delia has a hair disaster.

Overview *Contains Spoilers*

I was a bit dubious to start this book because I knew it was definitely aimed at younger children and it was presented in the style of a comic book which I am not the biggest fan of. However, I loved this book! It was funny in all the right places and it was a page turner because you always wanted to know what Tom was going to do or say next.

The doodles throughout this book added to the humour of the storyline whilst also keeping the younger children that it is aimed at, interested in the story and dilemma. Tom’s character is a very quirky one and many children will be able to relate to his problems and his love-hate relationship with his sister, Delia. His problems include an annoying classmate, Marcus, a walking disaster buddy, Joey, and school bores like homework and sports day, not to mention combs getting stuck in gelled hair!

I would recommend this book to younger readers as it is full of delightful doodles and annotations, however if you are slightly older and just looking for a quick and easy book to read, then don’t rule out Tom Gates!

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