What Really Happened In Peru – The Bane Chronicles, Book #1 (Clare, Cassandra)


What really happened in Peru



So he kept at it with the charango, despite the fact that he was forbidden to play it in the house. He was also discouraged from playing it in public places by a crying child, a man with papers talking about city ordinances and a small riot. As a last resort he went up to the mountains and played there. Magnus was sure that the llama stampede he witnessed was a coincident. The llamas could not be judging him.

Overview *Contains Spoilers*

This book is sure to delight Magnus Bane and Cassandra Clare fans who have waited for so long to find out, exactly why Magnus Bane was banned from Peru. Neither the Infernal Devices series, nor the Mortal Instruments series, goes into detail of Magnus’s ban, as Bane skirts around the topic, not eager to share, or go into details. Magnus’s quirky sense of humour and personality brings the story to life as we see him, the eternal optimist, try out the Charango and continue through all the discouragement, constantly finding a silver lining to the situation. This is just one of the embarrassing incidents that Magnus is involved with.

This book had me in stitches the entire way through, because Magnus is such a fun-loving and ‘happy-go-lucky’ character, however when he needs to be, he can be serious, which is what makes him such a pleasant character to follow in a story.

The second book in the series is here.

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