The Last Stand of the New York Institute – The Bane Chronicles, Book #9 (Clare, Cassandra)


The Last Stand of the New York Institute


Magnus felt for a moment as if he had become a storm, black curling clouds, the slam of thunder and slash of lightning, and all the storm wanted was to leap at Valentine’s throat. Magnus’s magic lashed out almost of its own volition, leaped from both hands. It looked like lightning, burning so blue that it was almost white. It knocked Valentine off his feet and into a wall. Valentine hit the wall so hard that a crack rang out, and he slid to the floor.

Overview *Contains Spoilers*

The ninth story in the Bane Chronicles. During the course of this story, the reader (and Magnus) meet for the first time one of the main characters in the Mortal Instruments Series, Clarissa Fray.

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