Dead Man’s Cove – St John, Lauren


Dead Man's Cove



Orphaned Laura is sent to live with her Uncle in Cornwall, convinced that a life of adventure is hers at last. But everywhere she turns she’s confronted with mysteries. Is Tariq, the shopkeeper’s silent son, a friend or an enemy? Why does her Uncle seem intent on erasing his own past? And why is everyone so afraid of Dead Man’s Cove?

Overview *Contains Spoilers*

This is a definite must read for readers who enjoy Enid Blyton’s adventure-packed Famous Five and Secret Seven books! It was packed with action and mystery which kept me hooked for more. I love the main character, Laura. She is a brave and strong-headed girl who isn’t afraid to ask questions or express her feelings. She is a role model for a lot of female readers, and males can also admire her feistiness and bravery.

I really enjoyed Lauren St John’s White Giraffe series, so I was excited to start reading this one and it didn’t disappoint! I found I actually preferred this book because of the adventure and mystery that surrounded Dead Man’s Cove. I would definitely recommend this book to Junior Fiction readers but enjoyment can also be found by Young Adult readers who are looking for a lighter read.

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