How I live Now (Rosoff, Meg)


How I Live Now



Imagine the perfect summer. Imagine blossom everywhere. The grass so green you can taste it. The sun on your skin. The rich sweet smell of honeysuckle. A hand touching your leg. Falling for someone you shouldn’t. Imagine the world exploding. A perfect summer blown apart.

Overview *Contains Spoilers*

I have very mixed views and feelings about this book. Content wise (i.e. plot wise) it was faultless up to part two. It had just the right mixture of desire, longing and adventure in it to grab my attention. The problem I had with the book is Rosoff’s style of writing. For a start, part one of the book, which is the majority, contained absolutely no speech marks, sentences that were ridiculously long to read and get your head around and capital letters that had no place being capitalised. This made ‘How I live now’ a very tiring and difficult book to read despite its short length. I also didn’t understand why the first part seemed almost punctuation-less in comparison to part two which contained the right punctuation. It could be that Rosoff is trying to show the passage of time between the first part and the second part, however the main language used by Daisy still stays relatively the same, it’s just the use of punctuation that noticeably changes.

I also thought that the jump between part one and part two was unnecessary and confusing. I had no idea what happened in the six years between when Daisy answers the phone to Daisy returning to New York besides the very brief explanation that was given in part two. This left me feeling underwhelmed and disappointed in the story.

If this review hasn’t entirely put you off, it is still worth a read just to see how another author describes a fictional third world war.

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