Why I love Books




So, it’s no mystery that I love books – I mean you’re reading this on a book review blog so I guess you love books too. However, it has come to my attention that many people don’t share this love of reading and I just don’t understand it! I figured I would write a few points as to why I love books so much.


  • It’s a portal to a different world – so you know that feeling when you open a brand new book and begin the first chapter, the author creates this completely new world which, if done well, has the capabilities to make you forget the real world. I’m sure many of you have experienced this scenario. You begin a new book at 7 pm, telling yourself you’ll only read a couple of chapters and then next time you look at the clock, BAM, it’s 3 am.


  • The smell – they actually need to make a perfume out of the smell of new books. Sometimes, I just sit in Waterstones or W.H. Smith and pick random books off the shelves and sniff them. It’s actually a problem.


  • The characters – okay hands up whose fell in love with more boys or girls in a fictional story rather than in real life? I think I just heard the sounds of millions of fan girls/boys screaming all over the world. But I think everyone can relate to this in some way, even if you don’t fall in love as such, but look up to a particular character in a novel.


  • The educational values – Yes, believe it or not, non-fiction books aren’t the only ones that are educational, fiction books also hold educational values. If nothing else, they teach you new, exciting vocabulary that you can include in your everyday language and confuse everyone with.


  • The feel – I hate e-readers/ebooks. This is because they don’t have the same feel as a physical book which you can hold in your hand and it feels substantial and you know just by holding it that you will get a sense of achievement from reading it. When you hold a thin piece of plastic called an e-reader or a tablet it’s just not the same. Sure you can get hundreds of books all on one device which is helpful when travelling abroad, but e-readers will never, for me, have the same effect as a physical book.


  • The Community – Take, for instance, Harry Potter – there is a large community of fans who love and cherish Harry Potter. You see them in Tumblr and Twitter, creating character profiles, picking out their favourite quotes, mourning over the deaths of their favourite characters, attending conventions dressed up in full costume and just discussing with each other favourite moments in the books. It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of as you can share your feelings with other people who feel the same, or argue to the death with those who dare challenge your views. You are able to feel a part of a group who share similar interests with you.


What are the reasons you love books?

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