A Waste of Good Paper – Sean Taylor

http://www.maggiejeans.com/?educ=maps22 it cover letter for resume Title: A Waste of Good Paper
http://www.debhopton.com/?educ=maps9 Author: Sean Taylor
essay on life for me is Published by: Janetta Otter-Barry Books

http://www.bookclubcorner.co.uk/?educ=maps12 Publication date: 2012
phd thesis in agricultural economics Pages: 293
marketing essay writing service Genres: Junior Fiction; Realistic; Diary; School
click Format: Paperback
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A waste of good paper



Pete says this is a writing book he’s only giving me and it’s PRIVATE and I can write what I want. But SORRY PETE there’s nothing I want to write…


Pete’s an ALL RIGHT teacher. But it’s a DUMB idea he’s got about this book because the problem last year was what FATHEAD BARRY and the others were saying about my mum. And what happens if they start dissing her again?


I’m writing this because of what’s happened. And that is my mum’s ex-boyfriend JON SHOWED UP. And BOTH his arms were BROKEN…

This type of book centred on children with emotional/behavioural problems is not my type of book, however once I began reading it and became engrossed in the story I found myself enjoying the witty and honest commentary of Jason. Although this book does hold a few swear words, I think it’s a book that needs to be read by younger children, in the junior fiction age category. It’s just one of those books which gives you an insight into the lives and mind set of other children. I would definitely recommend this book.

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