Dark Sun – Robert Muchamore

go to link Title: Dark Sun
http://www.kahira.org/?educ=maps21 Author: Robert Muchamore
editing dissertation services Published by: Hodder

http://www.conseils-regime.com/?educ=maps17 Publication date: 2009
resume writing experts questionnaire Pages: 159
http://www.allaerialsandsatellites.co.uk/?educ=maps15 Genres: Action; Thriller; Crime
watch Format: Paperback
http://www.maggiejeans.com/?educ=maps26 Source: Library



Dark Sun


It’s the last day of term. Three lads are clearing out their lockers, organising a sleepover and hatching a plan to spatter a girl with rancid coleslaw.

But things aren’t what they seem. One boy’s father is a member of Dark Sun, a criminal organisation dealing in nuclear weapons technology, which another is a CHERUB agent sent to stop him.


I liked this book, I liked that it was a collection of short stories based around the CHERUB agents, as opposed to one longer book which kept me interested however I did feel some of the stories were ended rather abruptly which I can sort of understand considering the length of the overall book but some I found a little disappointing.

Nonetheless, I would definitely recommend this book to young adult readers, particularly if they are interested in children being used as secret agents.

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