Books I review on this blog are either won, bought, borrowed or given and I aim to review every book that I read. Occasionally, I won’t be able to finish a book due to not liking it and as a result, I won’t review it. This is because I feel that, in order to produce an unbiased and completely fair opinion, it is important for me to finish the book to the end. If I have begun to review a book series, I will always review all the books in the series to maintain a sense of continuity.

All my opinions are 100% honest, regardless of whether I like an author or I am asked to review a book. This is because I want to save people time by helping them decide which books are worth reading, or spending money on.

Links at the end of reviews leading to Amazon are affiliated and if you are interested in buying the book, it would help me if you could use those links!

If you wish to contact me either because you are an author/publisher and would like me to review a book, or if you have a question, then please use the contact form on this website. Alternatively, you can contact me on Twitter or Goodreads.

Thank you!

~ BookClubCorner 🙂